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About Journey's Jewels
    Journey's Jewels is the result of what a hobby and a bit of determination can turn into.
    My name is Kyrstin Pummill. To learn more about me, see the Meet the Crafter page. I started this hobby during the summer of 2007, and it quickly turned into something that I wanted to make bigger. My first debut was at the St. John's Lutheran Church's Fall Festival. I had a wide assortment of jewelry already, but the location of the booth wasn't very productive. Part of my reason for starting a website was because of all the people at the Fall Festival who asked if I had a website. Since people seem to find everything on the internet these days, I decided to try my luck. And though it took a while to get up (school was very busy), it is now ready for lookers and costumers alike.
    The name, Journey's Jewels, is actually a name my mom thought of. I was originally trying to go for something more exotic and unique, so when she first suggested it, I kind of ignored the suggestion. But I had to have a name by the next day, so as the night wore on, I decided to go with Journey's Jewels. I'm glad I did, though, the more I say it the more I like it. I feel as if it is very appropriate for someone like me and what I do.
    All of the jewelry is made by me, most of which is original, though some items were ideas or patterns created by others (any pattern will be given credit for next to the item(s) of jewelry). Most, if not all, of the patterns can be found on my Links page. All items are hand-crafted with the greatest care and love. Most beads are either glass or acrylic. Beads like the seed beads and such are usually your basic plastic bead. Pendants usually can't be found the same way twice, especially the fancier ones, so don't wish for an exact replica of one that is already sold and merely up for display. Often times I can find other pendants that look similar, but they usually aren't the same. All of the beads and most of the other materials are bought from Beads Beads, whose website and store location(s) can be found on the Links page. Any other materials used that are not from Beads Beads, are usually from a Michaels craft store. If any other useful stores come up, they will be posted on the Links page.
    Most orders made will be custom orders. I don't exactly keep stock, any items picture are either for sale and can be used as starter ideas for a custom-made item or are already sold and there for display purposes, and also for personalized jewelry ideas. Because all items are hand-made, there is a risk of lost pieces or broken jewelry. I do my best to make them as sturdy as possible, but sometimes things just break or get ruined. If a certain item is especially delicate or fragile, I will make a note of it. If any item breaks for whatever reason, please contact me at my e-mail address so we can discuss the issue more thoroughly. The time frame for any custom order depends on the order and the availability of the needed items. It also depends on whether or not I'm in school. So if you have an order for any occasion between September and the first week of June, be sure to give quite a few weeks or months notice depending on the size of the order. If you do have a last minute gift idea, please contact me so that I may determine what can be done. Any leave of absence will be noted as soon as possible so any orders can be made ahead of time to ensure they get to their destinations on time. If you have any more questions concerning the process of making the jewelry, shipment, payments, or anything else, please contact me at my e-mail address.
P.S. I do not have any online payment option set up at this moment. I am hoping to get a PayPal account or something to that extent set up some time in the future. But for now, orders will be taken preferably through e-mail but also through phone if necessary.

                                                  Thank you,
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