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Welcome to Journey's Jewels, a website dedicated to the creation of quality hand-crafted jewelry and other trinkets!

06.2010 - Wow...I can't believe I haven't updated my website in a year! At this time there are no new items, but since it is summer, hopefully I will be able to update and add items frequently. And this time I mean it, since I have graduated from high school and don't have to worry about summer homework. :)
06.2009 - Updated the website to more befit the season of summer. I also added some more items. And since it is summer I have so much more free time. :)
11.2008 - Finally up and running! It sure took a while, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Have fun browsing, and if you need to contact me, e-mail me at or call me at 1.714.904.7271. I do not have everything up yet but it has taken so long I just wanted to get the site up. *Take note: I know it is close to the holiday season, but as I have school until the week before, there is very little guarantee that I can get anything to you, especially if it is a custom order.
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